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Lead Management Software

Collect all your leads in one place
Distribute automatically to your team
Manage the sales process
Track your conversion rates
Increase your performance with our reports

Collect Your Leads

Deliver all your leads to one centralised system from your website, sales team and more.

Distribute To Your Sales Team

Allocate leads to the appropriate member of your sales team. Instant email and SMS alerts.

Manage Your Sales Process

Have full visibility over your sales process. Understand you sales pipeline to close more deals.

Reporting and Analysis

Powerful reporting and charts so that you can see at a glance how your team are performing.

IFA System

We have developed a version of our lead management software tailored specifically to IFAs and mortgage brokers in collaboration with leading lead providers.

Leadreporter has been extremely valuable for Honeywell to drive new business from partner driven projects. The simplicity and ease of use of the web application has been exactly what I've been looking for. It has the functionality I need to track leads from telemarketing campaigns and get sales people to enter data, without the added nonsense.

Steve Sear - Honeywell