Reporting and Analysis

Easy to digest reports and charts so that you can see at a glance how individual members of your sales team are performing, possible sticking points in the lead process and conversion rates from different sources.

See how your leads are progressing

Track the progress of leads through their complete lifecycle. Quickly see whether leads are being followed up in time and identify inefficiencies within the lead process.

Ensure leads are being distributed fairly with allocation analysis

Identify users that have too many leads to cope with and those who do not have enough to be working on.

Also spot bottlenecks if a user has a large number of leads stuck at a given stage.

Compare lead sources against each other

Source analysis shows where leads are coming from. Make sure you are receiving enough from respective sources. You can also see how leads are progressing through the lead life cycle for each source and input frequency for each source.

Detailed financial analysis

The financial analysis allows you to view sales figures, costs, ROI and more. Filter the results by company division, lead source and lead type to quickly analyse the area of your sales activity that generates you the best return.

As a bonus feature, analyses which stage in the lead lifecycle leads have died at to give a forecasted ROI and sales figure for leads still in the pipeline!

Analyse and compare individual users

User analysis allows you to view how an individual user is performing including:

  • How their leads are progressing
  • Where their leads have come from
  • How much revenue they are creating for you (including ROI per user!)

These statistics allow you to quickly identify top performers and weak links in your sales team.