Manage Your Sales Process

Have a management overview over your entire lead process. See the number of leads in the pipeline and whether they are being dealt with promptly. Reassign leads to less busy members of your team if bottlenecks occur

Take full control of the entire lead process

A structured stage approach allows you to manage your lead pipeline. Track the progress of leads from new lead through to customer. Once a stage has been completed simply mark it in the system and the time is automatically stamped and the lead moves on to the next stage. Also track when a lead dies, just select a reason why the lead went cold and this can then be analyzed later.

Ensure leads are dealt with promptly with time rules

Differentiate between old and new leads and understand the efficiencies in your lead process. We understand that dealing with leads quickly and efficiently vastly improves conversion rates. Letting leads stagnate means losing out on potential customers so we ensure it's easy to track leads that require action.

Time rules first set leads with a warning flag as they age and then to overdue if they are still not being followed up. This allows them to be easily identified as requiring attention and to be re-allocated by a manager if necessary.

Call backs

Keep track of when to re-contact leads so that you can speak to them at a convenient time. Just put a call back date and time in a lead and it will appear in chronological order within the call back section. You will also be able to see the next 5 call backs due on your home street so you can see if anyone needs contacting as soon as you're logged in.

For prospects that are not in a position to become a customer at this time but could be in the future we have the long term call backs. This operates as a regular call back but also hides the lead from the staged process so as not to clutter your lead process.