Distribute To Your Sales Team

Allocate you leads amongst your business partners and internal sales team with ease. With our distribution engine new opportunities can be assigned automatically based on custom rules that you provide to the system or take full control by managing lead distribution on a case by case basis. As soon as a lead is assigned that sales person is alerted of the new opportunity so a prospect can be followed up within minutes of making an enquiry.

Assign leads to individual users to ensure the best response

Make sure all your leads are being dealt with by the most appropriate member of your team.

You might like to assign leads based on the geographical location of the prospect or maybe just to the least busy member of your team to ensure the quickest response.

Automate your lead distribution process with our distribution engine

Bespoke intelligent distribution allows you to ensure new leads are automatically allocated to the right sales person in real time. The rules you create allow leads to be assigned based on any information that you collect; this could include geographical location, area of interest or size of opportunity.

Alerts ensure you're always aware of the latest opportunities

We know that following up on leads quickly massively improves conversion rates. On allocation of a lead that sales person is immediately notified within the system. If they are often out of the office an email and/or SMS message can be sent to ensure they are always up to date.