Collect Your Leads

Have all your leads delivered to one centralized system. gives you a multitude of ways to collect your leads. Whether leads are generated by your sales team and affiliate partners, gathered from your website or directly imported by integrating with your in house or third party systems.

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Add individual leads

Collect leads individually by filling in our simple new lead form while on the phone or face to face with a client.

Introducers / Business referral

Give introducer licenses to your business partners, allowing them to easily refer leads to you. They can then keep track of the leads they have passed to you, saving you time keeping them updated of their progress. For example an estate agent might pass leads to a mortgage broker or a distributor might pass leads down the channel to preferred vendors.

Add a batch of leads

Save time by uploading a spreadsheet of leads directly into your account, no-rekeying required. Our online wizard allows you to easily map the information you have captured into the appropriate fields within our application.

Integrate with your website and existing software systems

Don't let leads generated from your website slip through the gaps, have the contact form pass sales inquiries directly into your account so they can be managed alongside the rest of your leads.

Use our powerful API to integrate with other software systems. Feed leads directly into your account from virtually any existing software system.

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IFA system - automated lead sources

Lead management software tailored specifically for brokers and IFAs. As part of this can automatically accept leads from PAA Leads (, Leadpoint, Leadbay and Finance Leads Online in real time.

Find out more about our IFA system, the only online lead management tool to integrate with all of the big four lead providers!