Collect Your Leads

Have all your leads delivered to one centralised system. LeadReporter.com gives you a multitude of ways to collect your leads. Whether leads are generated by your sales team and affiliate partners, gathered from your website or imported by your in house or third party systems.

Distribute To Your Sales Team

Automate your lead distribution process with your own customized rules. Allocate to members of your sales team based on area of interest, geographical location etc. As soon as a lead arrives the sales person is alerted by email and/or SMS text message of the new opportunity. Potential customer can be speaking to the right sales person within minutes of making an enquiry.

Manage Your Sales Process

Have a management overview over your entire sales process. See the number of leads in the pipeline and whether they are being dealt with promptly. Reassign leads to less busy members of your team if bottlenecks occur.

Reporting and Analysis

Easy to digest reports and charts so that you can see at a glance how: individual members of your sales team are performing, possible sticking points in the sales process and lead conversion rates from different sources.

IFA System

A customised version of our lead management application tailored specifically for Independent Financial Advisors, Mortgage Brokers and Financial Networks. The IFA system integrates directly with the top 4 Lead providers.